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Monday, March 24, 2014

5 benedict cumberbatch performances

Benedict Cumberbatch. A name that has become quite famous in the past few years. Making women everywhere swoon, while others simply sit back and watch in awe at his talent, there's no question as to why he has become an international star so quickly. Widely known for his performances in Star Trek into Darkness, Sherlock, The Hobbit, and 12 Years a Slave-just to name a few-he has also made a name for himself in the theatre such as Danny Boyle's Frankenstein and Thea Sharrock's After the Dance. Here are five more performances by BC that I love:

1. BBC's Hawking
Benedict plays young Stephen Hawking around the time he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease. Unbelievably inspiring and heartbreaking. Reminds me of A Beautiful Mind.

2. Parade's End
A love triangle develops in the midst of WWI between a husband (Cumberbatch), wife, and another woman. So good.

3. Wreckers
When Dawn and David (Cumberbatch) return to his hometown, an unexpected visit from David's unbalanced brother makes Dawn question how well she knows her husband. Benedict is so creepy in this one, definitely a good thriller/drama to watch. Also available on Netflix.

4. Inseparable
A short but empowering film about a father/husband, and his brother. 9 minutes long. Worth the time.

5. Starter for 10
This movie has been my favorite for years before I ever even noticed Benedict. He plays an extremely nerdy quiz team captain at a college. Even if you just watch this video you'll die laughing when you compare his character to the supposed "sex symbol" he is today.