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Thursday, May 5, 2011

the red shoes

LERMONTOV: the ballet of the red shoes is from a story by hans christian andersen. it is about a young girl who is devoured by an ambition to attend a dance in a pair of red shoes. she get’s the shoes and goes to the ball. for a time all goes well, and she is happy. but at the end of the evening she is tired and wants to go home. but the red shoes are not tired. the red shoes are never tired. they dance her out into the street, they dance her over the mountains and valleys, through fields and forests, through night and day. time rushes by, love rushes by, life rushes by, but the red shoes dance on.

CRASTER: what happens in the end?

LERMONTOV: oh, in the end she dies.

sound a little bit familiar? if you are a fan of old films, ballet, or aronofsky's black swan, you should consider watching this. great film.