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Saturday, April 9, 2011

rabbit hole

recovering from the loss of a child is a process that people handle in different ways. and because people recover differently it can put even more strain on a marriage along with the friends & family around them. john cameron mitchell's rabbit hole goes more into depth on all the different emotions people feel when going through the loss of a loved one.

the story begins eight months after becca (nicole kidman) & howie's (aaron eckhart) eight year old son gets hit by a car. becca has the hardest time dealing with her son's death because she refuses to share her feelings to anyone. she is haunted by the memories of her son and wants to change the life around her to forget the pain, and yet feels guilty with the possibility of ever feeling happy again. howie feels the only way they can get through this trial is to communicate their feelings to one another, and to keep all the good memories they have of their son. the question is, do they finally decide to work through it together or do they let their marriage unravel?

becca: and then what?
howie: ...i don't know. something though. we'll figure it out.
becca: will we?
howie: i think so. i think we will.

becca looks to howie. they both look a bit scared. she reaches over and takes his hand...for the first time in a very long time. it's a simple gesture - not of resolution - but of possibility. howie holds on tight.