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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

films of endearment

film always seems to have a strong emotional effect on me. some make me feel sad, some make me happy, others excited, exhilarated, depressed, are a few movies i find endearing...just some of those feel-good films that always put a smile on my face. if you decide to watch any of these, focus on the relationships between the lead actor & actress. their relationships are so sweet and refreshing. definitely not the typical cliche romances you usually see.

directed by greg pritikin, starring adrien brody & vera farmiga

lost in translation
directed by sofia coppola, starring bill murray & scarlet johansson

when harry met sally
directed by rob reiner, starring billy crystal & meg ryan

directed by jason reitman, starting michael cera & ellen page

edward scissorhands
directed by tim burton, starring johnny depp & winona ryder

curious case of benjamin button
directed by david fincher, starring brad pitt & cate blanchett